Watch me live playing with Rick Springfield tonight


Hey, this is Tim Gross, creator of the piano training…

I just played a show with Rick Springfield that was streamed live on Yahoo “Live Nation” and it’s currently being replayed. The show was Friday February 12th starting at 10pm Eastern U.S.A. time.

Click here to watch the live streaming show

I’m playing keyboard and guitar, I’m on the right side of the stage. 🙂  Should be fun, hope you can watch!  Click on the “Comments”to give me your feedback.

-Tim Gross,

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6 thoughts on “Watch me live playing with Rick Springfield tonight”

  1. Tim, sir you were awesome on stage, but I kinda expected that. I first touched keyboard with intent 21 days ago, on day 3 I truly got lucky and found you! Last night I played infount/with some very talented musicians. We put in Clapton’s unplugged and played along. I was able to mimic Chuck Lovell including the two handed progression to the right he does. Afterwards my friends were amazed truly. They asked how was I was able to do this in three weeks something that took them years to do. I just smiled and said I one hell of a teacher. TYVM Tim! Look for the band Strongbeard soon.

  2. This website is great, I have picked up on a lot of neat tricks every time I watch his lessons. I would recommend this site to anyone wanting to learn. It’s almost to simple.

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