Live Keyboard Performances by Tim Gross

Live Keyboard Performances by Tim Gross

This first video is a music montage of me performing with Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Rick Springfield, Tommy Tutone, John Waite, Greg Kihn, Terri Nunn (Berlin), Richard Marx , and more:

Below are links to more complete performance videos:

John Waite – “Save A Little Room”

Mickey Thomas – “Walk On Water”

Sammy Hagar – “Shakin'”

Rick Springfield
– “Jessie’s Girl” performed in his living room

Facebook Live ‘Piano Bar’ 2020 performance
– “Cool Change, Operator, Daniel”

Wall Will Fall -Rick Springfield Video
– “Fun performance montage”

Tommy Tutone – “867-5309 (Jennie, Jennie)”

George Thorogood – “Money”

Portland Symphony Orchestra
– “She’s Leaving Home”

Greg Kihn – “The Breakup Song”

Facebook Live ‘Keisha D. & Tim’ 2021 performance
– Piano bar duo

Paul Young “Every Time You Go Away”

This section will be added to over time…

3 thoughts on “Live Keyboard Performances by Tim Gross”

  1. That is quite a variety of musical styles. Your talent affords you many interesting experiences. I like your performance at Las Casuelas Terraza best.

  2. Thank you so much Tim for posting your video performance with the various artists.You brought a smile to my face during this stressed out time that we are all going through. You are are an AWESOME piano player brother! May God bless you and all of your family Tim.

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