New Piano Lessons Module “Inversions: The Master Class” Released

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New Piano Lessons Module Released:
“Inversions: The Master Class”


From: Educated Media LLC
Date: 4/1/18

For Immediate Release

The newest piano lessons Module released to Piano Genius members is called “The Inversions Master Class.” Chord inversions are a simple concept and are the most basic building blocks of playing chords and songs, which is why creator Tim Gross felt the need focus on the further.

“I realized that until a new piano player can almost instantly recognize basic chords no matter what inversion they’re in, and be able to play any chord in any inversion without hesitation that they’ll never be able to just sit down and smoothly play a song. I’m really proud of how this Module turned out, I was able to give some unique tips I think are really going to be helpful.”

The new Module videos on inversions is now available to members of the Piano Genius member site and can be watched on demand on any device that has an Internet connection.




The Piano Genius membership is the premier piano training course focusing on alternative ways to play without reading sheet music by  using the most basic of chord charts and training your ear to add embellishments and melodies.

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