Free Piano Training Video #10

Video 10: Using The Sustain Pedal

Continuing on, this video shows:

1) What the sustain pedal is, and why you sound like a terrible beginner until you learn how to use it correctly.

2) When to hold it down, and when to release based on the type of music you’re playing and how often the chords you’re playing are changing.

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56 thoughts on “Free Piano Training Video #10”

  1. Thanks for sharing your skills/knowledge and making it so really easy to understand even for beginners like me. Appreciated you Tim!

  2. You’re really a genius! Thanks for sharing your skills/knowledge and making it so really easy to understand even for beginners like me. Appreciated you Tim!

  3. Dear Tim. It is lovely to find someone who is great at what he does and has vocation to teach others an easy way to learn to play the piano. I will digest the 10 videos first. I love composing songs with digital software but learning to play the piano would be a dream come true for me. Thanks ever so much.

  4. WOW. Just Wow.
    Just started learning how to play with my daughters toy keyboard worth 10$ 1000 pesos (thats all I can afford) ?here in the Philippines but I really really learned a lot. I pray that I can also afford a good keyboard that sounds better. hahaha.
    Thank you Sir.

    1. Al, there are hundreds and hundreds of more videos for members, covering everything from a lot more beginning piano to ballads, rock, pop, blues, soloing, “cocktail jazz”, holiday songs, etc, etc.

  5. Hi Tim, Your learning system is exactly what I was looking for, I’m so glad to have found it on youtube. Your videos are perfect short and to the point. I have learned more in 4 days than I ever thought possible. Excellent way of explaining chord and scale patterns.

    1. Unless it’s a very inexpensive keyboard that runs on batteries, you likely do have a place to plug in a sustain pedal. Sustain pedal is definitely important somewhere along the line, although it has nothing to do with initially getting familiar with notes, chords, etc.

  6. Hi Piano Genius again. I meant to say that no wonder many learners don’t know you brilliant introductions because many tutors are somehow are holding their pupils back in order to book more lessons with them!

  7. I have always thought there must be an easier way. I am now enlightend. I think you summed it all up in 10 lessons but have you any more? Pleeeeeeeeez!!

  8. I stopped searching already. I’m so grateful to you for taking out time to share your knowledge and not going with it to the grave. You’ll always be remembered. God bless you.

  9. Many years I played wrong joust I sow this 10 videos and it’s changed all my wrong things .Thank you for you best teaching I be told it’s best teaching on the world.Thanks all at ….

  10. Shello! I really enjoyed all ten piano learning video’s! These video’s teach you basic and advanced piano hand technique’s which sound nice when combined C on C or D on D from opposite hands or 1-3-5 as to opposed left hand of 1-3-5 (1-8) or into more movement’s as hand cordination is taugh with practice… I wouldn’t say I learned all of these step’s right away as a piano beginner, but it has really opened the way I see piano into whole’s and cut’s and so forth…
    So far, I learned online how to:
    #1 Understand Piano
    #2 Intro. to left hand, number’s to chord progession’s
    #3 Sharp’s and Flat’s
    #4 Left hand basic’s, octave’s, single note’s
    #5 Left hand with fifth
    #6 Basic time, measure 4 beat’s
    #7 Strong structure 1-4-5 progression
    #8 Dress-up chord’s 1, use 2 and 4, for chord’s to have interesting sounds
    #9 Dress-up chord’s 2, play thumb separately, for more movement’s
    #10 Sustain pedal intro. using ear to release to start next chord

    Thanq’s a lot, Piano Genius!

    Monica A. Gomez


  12. I just registered as a member and after watch the welcome video I am so glad I decided to go this route. I love the idea of getting comfortable with a module before moving on or moving on once you have already mastered a module. I really do think I will finally be playing after watching these modules. This is something I have always wanted to do and I thank you so much for making this possible for people like me 🙂

  13. Where’s the melody? Perhaps you get into that in your paid membership, but from the free lessons it seems this course is geared to someone comping or singing the melody. I can’t sing and don’t plan on being part of a band. I am looking to learn to play for my own enjoyment.

  14. I buy my piano last year december and till now i feel frustrated that i can only play what ive learned from my tutorial lesson,,thank God i found you. It wont be the same again:)

    1. I am so blessed I found your website. God bless your wonderful heart that you impart the most important easy way how to play the piano. I have a hard time writing the notes in a tape and putting it in the key pad so I could memorized all the notes and it is so terrible. But now you gave me a great motivation to continue my interest to learn how to play the piano and to use it for my ministry. I am so greatful to Sir.

  15. you are indeed a great teacher, i appreciate your lessons tim. i have learned more about piano in one day than several weekly lessons.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful knowledge. You are a GENIUS. I am new to keyboard but can easily grasps things from your wonderful techniques. Thanks a lot.

  17. I have practiced with all of the ten free videos, my question is whether these are the same videos as the ones in module one? I want to sign up for the first months trial but don’t want to be entering my payment info if it’s all the same videos. thanks

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