Free Piano Lessons Video #8

Video #8: Simple Ways To Dress Up Chords

Continuing from video 7, this video shows:

1) Simple ways to make the chords you’re playing sound more interesting.

2) How to arpeggiate chords, and how to find and the the 2 and 4 notes as alternates to the 3 note.

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26 thoughts on “Free Piano Lessons Video #8”

    1. There are hundreds of more videos in the members area where I interact with members/students and answer their questions, give guidance, etc. Try it out and see if it’s a good fit for you, glad you like what you’ve seen so far. 🙂

        1. They’re not made to be downloadable because they stream at different quality based on people’s internet connection, but you can always come back to watch them any time you want.

  1. This tutorial is very useful. I easily learn the basics of a piano in just 2 days, and continually practice the dressings of the chords.

    Also, I find the numbering system very easy to understand than other lessons that are using notes blabla. THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR!

  2. You are the best Teacher i have ever seen in this field. maybe there are other ones i dont know of but what your style of teaching is simply the best for me am more than grateful. God bless you for teaching us the way to do it. We are proud of you here in Ghana West africa. i am a Pastor and i love music so i have been looking for someone like you and finally i have found you.

  3. You’re a great teacher in this field! I’m so thankful I came across your tutorial lessons which are very useful and easy to follow. I know a little chords on keyboard but I don’t know how to play with left hand to make my playing more interesting. My know-how in guitar playing helps me a lot to easily understand your lessons. Hoping to learn more from you. God bless.

  4. Hi, I read a couple of the more traditional introductory lessons 1st which start with sheet music theory. With your approach I can see a great deal of scope for self expression whilst getting hands on straight away. I wonder where the music theory kicks in.

  5. Thank u so much fr following up piano Core lessons or instructzns it helps a lot fr me to understand. I only started playing fr abt 6 months now & progressed very quickly to intermed8 level. Your additznal piano core lessons helps me & will continually help me to understand more & quicker fr new techniques to better my knowledge & piano skills. As a member, apprec8 a lot fr sending me these videos to watch & learn more than what I’ve learnt b4 to benefit myself to become a successful pianist in the future one day – that’s my dream & goal to achieve.

    Best regards..!

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