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Why You Should Become A Piano Genius Member Now

If you're on this page, it probably means you're still on the fence about signing up for my piano training. There are only a few reasons why that could be, so I'll try to address them here:

First, the "Why You Should Become A Piano Genius NOW" part...

This week I'm offering the biggest discount ever: $5 (discounted from $19.95) for the first 30 days of training.

The idea is that you can spend the first 30 days finding out if you love this or not. A whole lot of people do, but if it's not for you, just cancel so you don't continue past the first 30 days. Heck, I'll even refund the original $5 if you don't like it, all you have to do is ask. 🙂

1) You're distrustful of me for some reason.

Fair enough, you may not know me well so here's some info about me:

I've been a working musician for the last 30+ years. In the mid-80's my mom was voted "Mother Of The Year" in Santa Barbara, California where I grew up, and there was a full-page article about my family in the Santa Barbara News Press, the local paper. If you think I'm willing to damage my mom's "mother of the year" reputation by treating you badly, you're crazy! 🙂

I currently tour nationwide playing keyboards for Rick Springfield ("Jessie's Girl") and have also performed/toured with Tommy Tutone, Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Terri Nunn (Berlin), Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) and others,

With my own bands I have shared the stage with artists like Richard Marx, Booker T & The M.G.'s, The Four Tops, Firefall, Echo & The Bunnymen, Eric Burdon (The Animals), J.D. Souther and others.

My point is, I have a reputation to keep up, people like me 🙂  I wouldn't do anything sketchy or unethical to you that could jeopardize all of that, heh.

I've played in 20+ piece jazz bands and done solo piano bars. I've played music in paradise-like resorts and biker bars I was worried about getting stabbed in :-). I've played at frat parties and played "Here comes the bride" at weddings.

I'm not saying any of this to brag, but I want you to understand I've had to come up with shortcuts and methods to learn songs quickly in the real world on the fly, and that affects everything I do when it comes to teaching others.

Below are some photos of me "through the decades" 🙂

(Performance Photos)

I've also been doing website development for the last 20 years as well as video production for the last 16 years.

In other words, I'm 100% responsible for every aspect of your experience as a Piano Genius member, and I'll be doing everything I can to make it as valuable as possible for you, because I want you to be overjoyed with your membership.

When you sign up your order will be processed through the same merchant account I've had for the last 19 years, and you can bet if you need to cancel or refund your membership I'll be taking care of it promptly to keep my merchant account in good standing (not to mention keeping you happy, which is my #1 priority.)

I'm a real person who will give you real help. My phone number is 760-459-4414, which rings straight through to my home office when I'm able to answer. I'm not always able to answer every phone call (what with having a life and all...) but if I can't answer you can leave a message or use the helpdesk to contact me.

2) You don't know if the piano training will help YOU.

Have you watched the 10 free piano training videos I've made available for you? They're at https://www.pianogenius.com/private

The first few Modules pick up exactly where that free training leaves off. If you liked the free training, you'll really really like the paid membership training, because it includes some downloadable music and rhythm MP3 files for you to practice along with (especially in Module 1).

I use 10% of what I know 90% of the time when I'm playing the piano, and that's exactly what I'll be showing you how to do, with zero wasted time or effort on your part. And if for any reason you don't feel like it's for you, just let me know and I'll cancel your membership, you've got nothing to lose.

If you're a complete piano newbie, I've recently added some new beginning Modules that members are loving, especial the "Inversions: The Master Class" Module that will really help you recognize and play chord inversions, it really opens up the keyboard to you. (That Module alone is worth registering for.)

Members who like this training LOVE it, in fact here's a comment I got from a member who finally joined recently:

"I waited for years to get this membership. HOW STUPID WAS I???" -Christopher

Ha, love it! Don't be like Christopher. 🙂

Below is a tiny portion of the random comments members have posted in the members area (you'll see all them and more as soon as you register.)

3) You're terrified of the awesome power you'll wield as a good keyboard player

It's true that with great power comes great responsibility. Playing the piano got me my first girlfriend. It also got me my last girlfriend (who is now my wife.) You'll have the mind-control power of making people happy by playing a happy song, or making them sad by playing a sad song. Or if you're angry you can play the theme from "Jaws" and and a shark will suddenly appear out of nowhere (or, maybe not, but you could try.)

I believe in you, and I believe you can handle this awesome responsibility. So take the first step and sign up to get access to the member training. There really is no risk, and I think you'll be really happy you signed up when you see what's waiting for you - but if not just let me know.

This 75% off discounted membership being offering is just a test, and it ends soon.

There's no tricky stuff - Once you try it out if you want to cancel/quit/refund, just let me know and I'll take care of it PERSONALLY, no worries.

Just click the big red shiny button below and I'll see you inside!



-Tim Gross, PianoGenius.com

If you still have a question you don't feel was answered, click here to contact me.

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