Paul Young “Every Time You Go Away”

Paul Young: Ever Time You Go Away (Live)

Last summer I had the opportunity to tour with 80’s icon Paul Young, famous for his songs “Every Time You Go Away”, “Come Back And Stay”, his involvement with “We Are The World”, and multiple other hit songs. He’s a wonderful, lovely guy and I felt privileged to get to work with him. Below is a live performance we did of “Every Time You Go Away”.

I’ve just added a complete Module to the members’ area training detailing how I prepped for the gig, learned the songs, created charts, and even my process for finding the right sounds to use and splitting the keyboard to make everything accessible at the same time.  This “behind the scenes” stuff is one of the things unique to the Piano Genius training, I try to give a no-holds-barred look at what it’s really like, and how I approach things. I hope you enjoy it, and your comments and feedback are welcome below. 🙂 -Tim

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