Free Piano Lessons, Video #2

Video #2: The Number System Continued

Continuing on from Video 1, this video shows:

1) What to play with your left hand while your right hand is playing chords

2) How to use the Number System to learn and remember 100’s of songs, and the most common chord progressions you’ll hear in literally thousands of songs.

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36 thoughts on “Free Piano Lessons, Video #2”

  1. Hey great video! Just had a quick question, in the key of A, why is the 3 note a black as opposed to the white key that you skipped, thank you.

    1. It’s just the way it counts out, the Major 3 note is two whole steps away from the 1 note, and a whole step is two half steps, with white and black notes counted the same. A=>B is the first whole step, and B=>C# is the second whole step, which makes C# the Major 3rd note, which is a black note.

  2. If all Music especially piano teachers were like you, the whole world would have known how to play at least one music instrument perfectly.

  3. man,you made me proud and i thought i was old to learn piano…but when i saw your video and after a few minute i already played songs with major 4 chords..thank you very much!

  4. Love the lesson very easy to get for me. Wow I can play, literately
    Thanks I should have done this years ago!

  5. I am 44. I have been playing drums and guitar for 30 years. Have been playing professionally for 27.
    I always thought I wasn’t qualified to learn piano. I was intimidated by it. after watching your youtube vids in february , I am already adding piano tracks to my songs. My wife has noticed how quickly your tips helped me to figure it out.
    I now wish I had tried earlier in life, but am quite pleased with myself.
    Thanks so much man. All I ever wanted to do was bust out a tune on the piano at a party, and now i can 🙂
    I would purchase your program , but i am a musician so i am broke. your tips alone helped though .
    Cheers Tim

  6. I am amazed by how easy this was. I am a guitar player and have been playing guitar for 15 years. I have always wanted to play piano but just never gave it a chance because everyone that was teaching me just did not make sense. I am already playing songs within an hour of watching these.

  7. This is a great yet simple way to learn – especially for a senior citizen like me. Thank you very much!

  8. I was taking lessons about 4 years ago, but developed cancer and quit taking lessons as the treatments were kicking my butt. Thanks to you I am now back on the key board. Thanks much

  9. thx a lot for those lessons Tim, never have i imagined that i would be playing piano this fast and efficiently. thx again! cheers

  10. I just want to let you know that I have been trying to learn piano for months now, and I was blessed to find your website on youtube. I have to tell you that you are the best I’ve ever seen. Some people know how to do things but they can’t teach, but you have the gift to do both. I am simply amazed by you. Thank you so much.

  11. You made it easier than i thought it could be. Why does everyone else conspire to make it so difficult when it does not have to be.

  12. Some time during watching i started laughing till tears dropped from my eyes, why you may ask?

  13. Thank you for this wonderful and informative training videos. im just wondering if the guy teaching is david foster? It kinda sounds like him lol. Im a david foster fan he produced many amazing songs.

  14. These videos are very useful to any one who is just learning piano and I had practiced all of them and they improved my skill. Thanks a lot


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