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timpic1bFrom: Tim Gross, PianoGenius.com
Saturday, March 23, 2019

Dear Friend, If you want to become a better piano player faster,
easier, and have more fun doing it, don't miss out on this...

Unlike Any Piano Training You've Ever Had

You've watched the free videos explaining my "number system" and have seen how much easier it is to learn piano this way than through traditional methods. I'm a working piano player (I'm currently touring as Rick Springfield's keyboard player, see below for more info) and I'm only focusing on what you actually need to know to play better faster, and just ignoring the boring stuff that piano teachers make you do that doesn't really help.


That's why members are telling me things like, "...over the period of even one week my playing has improved." And by the way, you'll see all these actual comments yourself in the member training area as soon as you sign up, and hopefully you'll be adding your happy comments shortly. 🙂 (Click on the "Testimonials/Feedback" link below for more.)

polaroids-680 The Piano Genius training system was created by Tim Gross. I've has been playing keyboards professionally in rock bands, in duos with guitar players, and playing solo “piano bars” for the last 30+ years.

The photo on the far left was taken in the '80s at an L.A. club called Madame Wong's West. I'm currently in Rick Springfield’s band (far right photo) touring the country on a regular basis. (Rick Springfield’s biggest hit is “Jessie’s Girl”, and he’s had 16 other top-40 hit songs as well.)

My own bands have warmed up for artists like Richard Marx, Firefall, Atlanta Rhythm Section, J.D. Souther, and Echo & The Bunnymen, and I've played with many talented musicians who've also played with musical artists like Journey, Billy Idol, Melissa Ethridge, Carol King, Macey Gray, Kenny Loggins, Boz Skags, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, and many others.

I've played in 20+ piece jazz bands and done solo piano bars. I've played music in paradise-like resorts and biker bars I was worried about getting stabbed in :-). I've played at large outdoor music festivals, and I've played in dives where there were only a couple of people there.

I've played at drunken frat parties, and I've played "Here comes the bride" in churches at weddings. I've performed at highbrow classical music recitals playing a grand piano wearing a suit and tie, and I've had fights break out right in front of me in the middle of a song.

I'm not saying this to brag, I just want you to understand that whatever it is you want to be able to do on piano, I've probably done it and can help you. Through it all, I realized one thing: Week in and week out, 10% of what I know is what I do 90% of the time. And that's what I'm here to show you, as quickly and as simply as possible.

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Testimonials From Piano Genius Members

Below are reviews and feedback that current members of PianoGenius.com have posted.[full-testimonials category="xx"]

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It's like having me sit next to you

The video training is just like having me sit next to you helping you play the piano. Members keep telling me I have a knack for answering the exact questions in the videos that they have, and that for the first time everything becomes clear to them.


How Does This Work?

Get instant unlimited access to Module 1 streaming video training from browser from any device that can access the Internet. (PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad, Tablet, iPhone, Smartphone) Register right now and you can start watching these piano training videos 5 minutes from now.

What If It's Not For Me?

No problem, just let us know and you won't be rebilled. We'll even refund back your small registration fee of you want, no worries. A lot of people absolutely LOVE their membership but if it's not for you (for any reason at all) just let us know. 🙂

Am I Locked Into A Contract?

No, at any time during your 30 day trial you can cancel your membership and you won't be rebilled.  And after that you can cancel your recurring billing at any time with no penalty or extra fee, and permanently keep all piano training Modules you have at that point. There are no contracts, you can stop at any time.

Is My Registration Safe And Secure?

Absolutely. Transactions are processed through the same merchant account I've had for over 15 years through Authorizenet/1ShoppingCart or PayPal, trusted by millions of customers worldwide.

  • 1) If you're not happy with your Trial for any reason, just let me know within the next 30 days and you won't be rebilled, and we're still friends. 🙂
  • 2) There's no obiligation, no future commitment, no contract. Either it helps you and you stay a member, or it doesn't help you and you cancel - Simple as that.

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If you love Module 1 and want more, just continue your monthly membership and you'll be billed $49.95 just $19.95 at the end of that 30 days and you'll receive All Access to all 45+ piano training Modules for as long as you're an active member, over 500 videos in all.

It's completely risk-free, and if you don't think it's amazing and exactly what you need, just let me know within the next 30 days and you won't be rebilled. No hassles, and we're still friends, I just want you to have the chance to try it out for yourself.

Why am I doing this 30 day trial?

Based on current members' feedback, I believe having a Piano Genius membership will be a huge help to you and that it'll make you very happy... I want to remove all the risk for you to see for yourself.

Please note that I'm only doing this as a test though, I reserve the right to stop offering the trial to new members so sign up now to lock in your spot.

Click the button below to start your 30 day trial so you don't miss out on this no-risk opportunity, I'll see you inside. 🙂

To your improved piano playing, your friend Tim

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The only difference is you're not permitted to download the additional Modules. This is the best of both worlds: Start your trial now, and by continuing you'll get another permanent Module every month AND have All Access to all the other Modules for as long as you're an active member. 🙂


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Register now and try it out, you'll be glad you did. I'll see you inside! -Tim


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