Keisha D. & Tim Sing

I just did a live “Facebook Live” show with my friend Keisha D. You can still watch the live show if you missed it, and this Module goes through how I rehearsed and learned the new songs I’m going to play with her.

This Module covers the three new songs I learned for this show, Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush”, Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You”, and Patsy Cline “Crazy”. Just click on the image below or the red arrow to continue on to this Module.

Watch the Facebook Live Show:

  • Dreams” -Fleetwood Mac
  • 4:36 House At Pooh Corner -Kenny Loggins (sung by me)
  • 7:00 “Girl Crush” -Little Big Town (Keisha)
  • 10:32 “Operator” -Jim Croce (Me)
  • 14:40 “If I Ain’t Got You” -Alicia Keys (Keisha)
  • 19:04 “Tiny Dancer” -Elton John (Tim)
  • 25:30 “Crazy” -Patsy Cline (Keisha)
  • 28:40 -My dog makes an appearance because it was “National Puppy Day” that day 🙂
  • 30:10 “With A Little Help From My Friends” -Joe Cocker version (Duet)

This was a lot of fun to do, and you can watch the full Module on how I learned the songs and prepared for the performance by joining our “All Access” training at a special discount:

On a side note, Keisha has some very serious health issues and doesn’t know how long she’ll be able to continue singing and performing; We’re friends but have never played together, which is why we wanted to do this now. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it. She sounds amazing on Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You”, and “With A Little Help From My Friends” was a heck of a lot of fun. 🙂