Free Piano Lesson Video #4

Free Piano Lesson Video #4: Left-Hand Basics

Continuing on from Video 3, this video shows:

1) What your left hand should normally be doing in relation to the chords your right hand is playing.

2) Why and how you should stick to specific patterns you learn so you don’t have to look at your left hand much because what it’s doing becomes automatic.

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30 thoughts on “Free Piano Lesson Video #4”

  1. I found yourself on Y. Hey this is brilliant for a straight beginner like myself. Esp tip saying keep finger over the C, so your hand is already in possition so yuo don’t have to look at keyboard.

    1. F-Ab-C (F-Major is F-A-C, to turn it into a minor chord, move the 3rd note down a half step to the black note to the left of it.)

  2. Old guitar players who FUBAR their left index finger need to learn to play Uke with three fingers and piano!

    As far as I can find on YT you have the best method by far. I learned more from these videos in 20 minutes than I thought I could in months.

    Very cool!


  3. Thanks very much Tim, your piano lessons was very helpful to me. I had been struggling many years to play and remembered chords, and you’ve just shown me the simple way to do that! God bless you….

  4. “Excited” … I stumbled onto ur video last night. So I haven’t done much but, I know this is going to be awesome, just makes sense. I remember the chords 1 4 5 , for me that’s HUGE. NO other way would I have remembered. I’ve been messing around with keyboard for little bit. 1st yrs ago & of course now. All self taught reading music too. Keep hitting a wall when it. Can’t get hands to play together unless it’s slow or I practice the piece. When I watched ur video I knew this system was going to be AWESOME. Coming on now to work with it. I thank u for ur time & heart to give it free.

  5. I’m a bass player. I play some guitar. These piano / Keyboarding techniques are great! I’d write more, but have to go practice! 🙂 thanks so much for this! Highly recommended!

    1. Members get a full Module on Finger Exercises, which aren’t typical scales that piano teachers have you do. I’ve got specific timing drills I created that have you play different timing with your left versus right hand to help separate your hands and fingers so they can “do their own thing.” 🙂

  6. Dear sir,
    Firstly ” THANK YOU”. It takes a lot to bless others and impart. Really appreciated. Will apply your teachings.God bless ya.

  7. Just Wanted to thank you so much! I’m from israel ?your videos are the best ! i cant afford piano lessons so i searched in the internet and thanks god i found you !this is realy kind of you! Thanks alot!!!!!hope i’l be abel to play my songs one day…

  8. Unreal!! Thank you soo much for the free lessons. Makes it a whole lot clearer. Far better than any other tutorial/ teacher out there.
    Much appreciated!! 🙂

  9. Thank You for this videos. I’m just learning to play piano by myself. I asked some people who knows how to play piano.they’re teaching me but I cannot get them and it’s hard to catch them but with this video of yours, it seems like learning a piano is just an easy one 🙂 thank you very much. I hope that i’ll be as good as you someday ;))

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