Rick Springfield’s New Album “The Snake King” Album Released Includes Performances By Tim Gross On Keyboards

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Rick Springfield’s New Album “The Snake King”
Includes Performances By Tim Gross On Keyboards


From: Educated Media LLC
Date: 1/31/18

For Immediate Release

Rick Springfield’s new album “The Snake King” was released on Frontier Records on January 28th, 2018 and includes keyboard recording credits from Tim Gross, creator of the premiere online piano training course for those who want to play popular music without the laborious labor of learning to read traditional sheet music.

Said Tim, “Coming in to do this recording session is a perfect example of why it’s important not to rely too much on reading sheet music, because there WAS no sheet music, the whole point was to come up with keyboard parts that fit the song on the fly. In these types of situations it’s all about being able to use your ear to hear what might sound good, and the ability to take direction to bring the artist/producers ideas and make them sound like they hear it in their heads.”

Tim added a variety of keyboard parts, from sampled brass/trumpets (“Rick said he kept being asked by those mixing the album if they were real”), ethereal strings parts, and even an analog synth solo at the end of the song Little Demon.

“I’m always a little nervous going in to record on someone else’s songs,” explains Tim, “Because no matter how good you are or how much experience you have, it all boils down to what the people in the room want to hear you play, their ability to communicate what they want to you, and whether you’ve got the right sounds they’re looking for at your fingertips.”

The album also featured studio recording veterans Tim Pierce (guitar) and Jimmy Z (harmonica) supplementing Rick Springfield’s touring and recording band. It’s a primarily blues-based album that lyrically wrestles with Rick Springfield’s inner monologue regarding good/evil and heaven/hell. “Lyrically there’s so much going on that I hear something new every time I listen to it,” said Tim, “so I’ve listened to the whole album dozens of times… and not just because I played on it!”

The Snake King is available worldwide and online can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes.


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