Free Piano Lessons, Video #1

Here Are Your 10 Free Piano Training Videos

For beginning piano enthusiasts frustrated with having to memorize scales, chords, and chord progressions, this video, watchedΒ over 10 million times has explained more in a few minutes than some piano students have learned taking months of piano lessons.

Video #1: Here is the firstΒ  video + PDF download

Download this handy PDF reference chart below the video to easily remind yourself of the main concepts of Major and minor scales and chords, fingering, and basic chord progressions.

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  1. I am from India/Kerala.Consider myself lucky to have come across the videos of a Genius like you ;that too at NO cost.What a magnanimous person you are ! I am 71 and just a couple of week back i got interested in procuring a keyboard and intended to styudy.What a lucky person i am !!I
    I have adoubt .Please clarify .
    On page 16 and 17 of PDF note it says the formula for Major scale as:
    should it not be as :
    Or is it the steps of 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 instead of
    and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 ?

    1. No DVD, it’s all online training, that way I can update/improve the training at any time and answer questions etc, instead of just having a DVD sitting around your house. πŸ™‚ There’s a 30 day trial you can try out to see if it’s a good fit.

  2. This is very simple and very educative. I’m very happy to watch this videos. But please how can I download the videos so that I can be referring to it for my practice?

    1. They’re not made to be downloadable because they stream at different quality based on people’s internet connection, but you can always come back to watch them any time you want. πŸ™‚ Glad you like them.

      1. I just got in while scouting for reliable piano lessons and I’m loving the pdf. From the little I’d heard before, I cant wait to journey through and be a piano player. Livens my world!

  3. I Started this few minutes ago and am so glued to the teachings. Just cant stop. I’m looking forward to fulfilling my dream of playing the piano finally

      1. Great, there are a lot of nice sounding keyboards these days that don’t cost much, good to hear. πŸ™‚

  4. Unless it’s a very inexpensive keyboard that runs on batteries, you likely do have a place to plug in a sustain pedal. Sustain pedal is definitely important somewhere along the line, although it has nothing to do with initially getting familiar with notes, chords, etc.

  5. Thanks for free courses! I’m gonna take some membership if not this week, next week.
    God bless you in the name of Jesus-Christ.

  6. Trimakasih…
    Sederhana tp jelas. Saya pernah kursus mlh bingung tp dgn melihat video anda saya cepat paham.
    Salam dari Indonesia.

  7. Thank u so much I been watching your videos over and over now I can play songs such as whole lot of shaking going on and Johnny b good and a few others just watching your videos and listening to the songs thank you so much

  8. This is fantastic! I’ve been a bass/guitar player my whole life and wanted to pick up piano to help write and compose songs. I also wanted to be able to play some keys in my band if needed. This method approaches learning the piano the same way I approach playing bass or guitar. Very simple and easy to understand. After about 30 minutes I was playing along to simple I-IV-V songs with ease! Looking forward to exploring the paid modules!

  9. Your videos have provided a much needed insight into a quick basic learning. I’m glad I came across your page! Thanks so much!!! I hope you come up with more videos soon of how to play the most popular songs of all time!

  10. I’m nearly 50 and I started playing keyboard just because I bought a DAW. In a few minutes your awesome videos have taught me more than I ever thought I would be able to do on keyboards. This is so liberating. I really want to thank you man, this is the best.

  11. I tried lessons as a kid,teachers so full of themselves…couldn’t afford that stuff. Asked others who played to teach me some basics…didn’t have time. With I had this 50 years ago…Thanks

  12. Thanks so much for these lessons! I’m pretty new to this and am wondering if theres any way to get better at just getting my fingers to do the right thing. Is it really just practice practice practice?

  13. Thank you so much Sir! I learned a lot from your tutorials and it really amazed me. It helps me to understand more on how to play the piano and I believe that it really helps me to learn faster! Thank you so much!!! And I promise I can’t forget you Sir for sharing your talent! You’re so amazing! THANK YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU MORE ^_^

  14. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have played guitar for 20 years and always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I just watched your 10 videos, and can’t believe how much I learned in 2 hours. You are awesome. Thank you!

  15. Thank you so much! I saw your video on youtube but it only contain parts 1 and 2. I thought this is not free but I am wrong. Now I have the confidence to boost my love in piano and I am gonnna teach my son.

    From Philippines

  16. Great program. This is Dan the guy who builds guitar amps, buddy guys amps, Jimmi Vaughn ect… One of these days I’ll find time to learn. Its a time thing right now but your program is key. Understanding guitar, your lessons make understanding piano seamless.

  17. I played piano when I was very little & was semi good @ it. Now that I am in a band (singer) I thought it would be good to get back to it. I tried guitar, but my fingers did not like that so much, so I thought, why not pick up the piano again. Though I am using a 76 key keyboard with all sorts of fancy things on top. I need to get back to basics. I just watched & learned with the first 10 videos. They brought back a lot that I had done many many years ago. Thank you for this, I look forward to more videos.

    1. You should be able to watch all the videos, whether you’re on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, etc. If you’re having an issue, try a different browser (Firefox, Google.) It’s always possible to have temporary glitches, but beyond that all the videos should play, please try again and let me know.

  18. Amazing videos … learnt chords real quick .. however not able to view the videos beyond the second video… kindly adivise

  19. yo man, you knoww shit, like 4 real you helped me and not only just look at the comments, you know what you do and you teach in an awesome way keep it up man

  20. Hi from the Netherlands . These are the best videos for a beginning piano player, and i think i have seen 50. Thank you!

  21. Never been able to play music, as I have always found it too difficult to understand but your number system I understand. I have had a life long wish to be able to play music, perhaps now I have a chance, so I will give it a go. Thanks for sharing this learning method πŸ˜‰

  22. Hi i am just fascinated after seeing your video. It looks so easy . I even practiced the chord using ur numbering system. However before viewing your video i was little apprehensive about whether i shall be able to learn piano so i bought a small 54 keys electronic keyboard which Normally kids play. But it has the notes and sound is also good. I want to know if it is advisable to start learning in this small keyboard or directly we have to start learning in big piano or keyboard. Only problem what i can imagine is the keysize in this keyboard is smaller than the original one. So i want to know will that create a problem in future when i play on big keyboard.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and once again thank you very much for your videos…

  23. I can’t access the 10 free videos, why? Do I have to pay for them??? No matter how much I try to click them, they seem to be not available!

  24. Wow, how crazy to think that something so simply can be made so overly complicated! I’ve been a musician for over 16 years now (trumpet player, albeit, so not savvy with chords) and only began learning piano a few years ago. Several lessons and hundreds of dollars lately was nothing compared to this! Thanks, man. I’m a stage musician too so it will be super helpful if I ever giddy up on piano to actually be able to do things with more ease and fluidity like you’ve illustrated. And realizing how simple it can be to transpose when you use the number system? GENIUS. Much appreciated, thank you for sharing your knowledge with those of us who can’t afford to learn otherwise.

  25. I’m interested in playing the keyboard by numbers, but i am wondering if your system is all about playing cords, or could I play the individual notes by numbers also. Thanks

    1. It focuses on playing notes as well. There’s three basic things:
      1) Be able to dress up basic chords to make them sound nice without having to actually read sheet music
      2) Use your ear to figure out the basic melody of a song
      3) Add that melody to the chords
      It’s fully covered, and is much simpler than learning to read actual notes on sheet music. You can get all the Modules you need to help with that here:

  26. I am 15 years old and am trying to study music and digital art (like photography and animation and all of that jazz) for the past two years. I’ve been trying to play piano for so long! but could barely even get myself to look at a note and say, “yeah, that’s a C for sure” until a few days ago when I watched your videos. Thank you very much for making these vids. Now I’m a step closer to making my projects and dreams come true!

  27. Amazing videos I am loving it. Your videos are simply awesome and thanks for helping in realizing one’s dream. I m playing piano since childhood without any training I can play almost every song but I came to know that it feels empty to play songs without chords and fingering techniques, So I decided work on my skills and see what I found a great Guide like you thank you very much for posting such good videos.

  28. I’m so glad I found this site. The tutorials are very useful! I’m self taught so this is making learning it so much easier. Thanks!

  29. Tq very much for the tutorial , its so helped me to understand how to play piano basic, tq very much
    God Bless You πŸ™‚

  30. thank you very much! I learned how to play piano less an hour yey! thank u again! God Bless U! πŸ™‚ :*

  31. Thanks for a great teacher like Tim. hopefully, I can learn well playing piano and sounded like a pro just like the Great Tim. Thank you so much.

  32. This is so amazing thank u!!! My mom insisted i take piano lessons from someone who i know is gonna teach me the traditional stuff. Piano has never been easier! Thank u so much!! Sorry for bad english still practicing hhaaha

  33. i really loved these tutorials….i learnt these by going many classes paying high fee….but u made it simple and free and yet far effective than the paid ones

  34. Your video tutorial is very easy to follow and thank you so much. I am motivated to improve and get started again.

  35. This is crazy. I never come across piano teaching like this. Too easy, just too easy. This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Amazing, I leant a lot so fast. I made a lot of progress with your videos and I am playing chords a lot! THanks!

  37. Easily the most practical piano lessons I’ve found on the internet. I find it almost comical just how
    laboriously some of the other videos attempt to teach the same concepts. Bravo!

  38. This has been wonderful for me. I have been fiddling around on piano for many years, and never seem to get much better after a certain point. Nothing was flowing. This is going to make a big difference to how I feel about piano – I love these lessons. Thank you for posting and sharing your knowledge.

  39. Hi Mr. Tim,
    Looking at the number of votes thanks here, my only hope is that you get to read this and know that I CHUKWUEBUKA is now a pianist, a piano genius! courtesy of your video, I’ve never read anything so helpful in a long while.Thanks a million times and may your wisdom never diminish in JESUS NAME!

  40. Thanks for these tutorials, they are amazing and help a lot! I hope you are going to do some more? Would be great!

  41. thank you for the teachings you save my cravings in piano im just new in piano but you give me a lot of knowledge thanks a lot and may God bless you

  42. A grateful beginner thanks you for being so clear and generous with your lessons. I am 79 years old and have few regrets in my life; but one was that I have never learned to play a musical instrument. Hopefully it is not too late. Your lessons certainly make the theory clear and simple to understand, now if I can get these fingers to go along I will be most happy and grateful. So far so good.
    Best wishes

  43. I am an absolute beginner and have browsed through a number of online lessons at various websites. Your tutorials are simply the best. Much appreciated and a big THANK YOU from me (from Australia)!??

  44. You are an amazing Teacher ^^ , I already watched lots of videos but never got any benefit as I got from yours <3

  45. You are bless! You are a leader far from a teacher you jst lead me into being a music producer step me ahead of what I was as a sound engineer. Thanks man

  46. Hi Tim, thank you for giving us this free tutorial and materials! I am a beginner, no experience but I won’t hire an instructor because I’d like to learn how to play and read on my own. I will keep in touch with you as I progress, thank you!

  47. Your really a genius! It really help me a lot…i was able to recognize the cords on the keyboard i can recognize and play a little in the keyboard…practice makes perfect and i was doing it!! Thank you somuch

  48. hi Tim, thank you very much for the lessons, I never know that piano lesson can be this fun and efficient, and mostly it make sence. I try to learn piano at 4, that didn’t work, so i stopped at 4 and a half, and lost the interest in learning piano. 30 years after, now i decided to give it a try because of you. Thank you so much. I’ll add the membership no matter what. Just a little question here, how many lessons are there for one month, do i have to wait for the lesson everyday or it will be a package? Cause i don’t wanna miss any.

  49. It was a wondeful,refreshing & informative.Thanks for creating the urge in me to be a instant Piano Genius.Please advise follow up action

  50. may you be successful in whatever you are doing… These videos were a great help and i hated those dragged tutorials on different websites, these ones are just too great…. you are a PIANO GENIUS

  51. you have seriously nailed it.. i had been looking for videos but somehow i hadmade up mind to leave my love for piano and that’s when you showed up. you re life savior i must say.. Thanks to u loads and also i wanted to ask that how further i can go about it.
    P.S;You taught me in two days for what i have been looking for months and i must say mostly tutorials are just a drag…..

  52. yes man! This was really helpful. i’ve been struggling for ages! I knew someone could explain it to me without sounding non-sense! I finally found you! Cheers!

  53. I have been playing the piano for almost 30 years. Every teacher I ever had would complain when I couldn’t remember which notes went in which scales. I learnt more about scales in the first 30 minutes with your lessons, that I ever did in the last 30 years. I know I never HAVE to play a scale again if I don’t want to, but now I know I can without having to memorize all the major, minor, minor 7th etc chords.


  54. wow! so cool. I couldn’t believe there was gona be a good piano lesson but not until I found your video. the videos have been of great help to me. Thanks a lot!

  55. Thank you so much for these amazing lessons : clear, simple & complete enough to keep a beginner busy for months ! You are an amazing teacher. Cheers.

  56. Hi! Really want to sign up for the paid membership but do not have a credit card. How do I do that. Is there an alternative means to make payment to you?

  57. This is really ingenious. Was about sleeping but an entry into this site has revived an almost dying interest in piano. Have been sitting by my piano since and making great strides with your vedio. Thumbs up

  58. Great, thanks for the great resource. About to start my endeavor in using the piano. Hope to see more from you. πŸ™‚

  59. I have always wanted to learn the piano but I don’t have a lot of time to put into lessons because I am a mom, have a full time job and I’m in school. watching these videos gives me hope because I am actually understanding what your teaching and I won’t have to spend hours in lessons. I’m so excited! I can finally help my husband lead worship on Sunday mornings! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  60. I downloaded your excellent first video from Youtube. It was all you say it is–light at the end of endless scales and practices. However, I am a merchant seaman at sea 7 months of the year. How can I download all your videos for use at sea? I have no internet except when in US ports.

    Would be glad to pay for DVDs, if available.



  61. Oh My God…!!! how can I thank him, how can i ……………(Tears of Joy) No words to express your amazing talent. Hats of you Sir. You are a Legend. May God Bless you.

  62. Thank you coach,I just logged into the website and I’ve tried these techniques and I sound better.Of course I was trying some of those in my playing e.g. the sus4 chord when playing the 4 but now I’ve gained more experience of where else I can apply those skills.Thanks for being such a blessing.Indeed this stuff has improved my playing at church!!!

  63. I have learned so much from the few videos on YouTube… I am not able to watch the last 8 videos above coz my phone can’t supporting Adobe… Please assist me to get them and if possible I will be more than happy to download them

  64. Your lessons make it much easier for me with the number system. My older brother who has been teaching me off and on for years has been playing accordion for 48 years and he learned piano about 20 years ago well because he reads music and being my brother makes it rally frustrating at times because he expects more I guess you could so I would quit because I would get mad, watching your video made it a lot simpler.

  65. Thank you very much. Its help me a lot. I am a begginer and your training help me a lot. You are doing a great work brother. God bless you in Jesus name.

  66. This is aswome! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much I’ve always wanted to learn piano! But now I do! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  67. Whaaaa~~ This is so great! I love this so much, and when I practice the lesson I just love to practice more and more. You know what I need. Thanks for give us the best teaching ^^ Recommended πŸ™‚

  68. Thank You Very Much For Lesson.I am From Sri Lanka.can you give us more videos.i wish you and god bless you.

  69. You are truly a Genius, Making Complicated things simpler. your PDF is very helpfull. Thanks a ton.

  70. A big thanks to you sir (Y) . This is more useful tutorial than the other tut in youtube. It’s a genius way and it’s simple. I really love to learn how to play a piano and this is the best tutorial ever πŸ˜€

    Thank you so much InstantPianoGenius πŸ˜€

  71. i have been studying keyboard for months and my skill still sounds really awful, because of confusing techniques, but,,, WOW!!! I learned all those things in just few hours! thanks for introducing the fantastic number system!!! GODBLESS you more and more πŸ˜€

  72. It is like you described in the PDF file, no one ever connected the dots. Until now! Thank you so much!

  73. Thank you very much for this great help you provided me. I’m 69 yrs. old, a retiree from the Philippines, but I’d like to learn to play on an old keyboard – which I missed learning when I was younger. Sorry I won’t be able to take advantage of your generous offer for further test/trial lessons. But, rest assured I’m learning even from the tutorials alone. Thank you once again and more power to you, Sir!

  74. This was really useful . I used Garageband app to practice haha i don’t have a piano but it was useful tho . Thank you man

  75. What a great lesson this one of the best lesson I ever had. I’m really glad that i take the time to go on YouTube today .

  76. I really enjoyed your lessons. I finished them all in a day and I’m really happy that I can play the piano since I know a lot of people that can. Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun!

  77. That’s ausm, amazing & really really genous way of explaining it in a simple way… then practice & how to mix is what will make a lovely music πŸ™‚
    thanks a lot…
    this is really very useful

  78. Thank you very much InstantPianoLessons!!! πŸ˜€ the way you teach suits me very much since im not that good in understanding easily. Now I have an ensemble to play in my style. Thank you again, oh if you got a tutorial of how to read piano chords and piano sheets please let me know for that is with great significance for me to know how to, because I have a problem with.

  79. wow!excellent…im just a beginner ,but for these i think i have a potential to do much better..thanks for the best..

  80. WOW. Just watched 10 video’s, can’t wait to get home and practice. Love this website, thanks for sharing your knowledge, its greatly appreciated.

  81. i am a critically acclaimed film maker from India.. I just wanna tell u something… MAN YOU ARE A GENIUS… U MADE MUSIC LOOK LIKE AN INTERESTING MATHEMATICAL THEORY… Please publish a book on your simplest derivations from the complicated music language. I bet you, generations are gonna follow you from there on. Do add my facebook (u have my email id). i wanna share my works and learn all the music from you πŸ™‚ Thank you sir

  82. that was great . it was easy to understand and the best of all other tutoring videos that ive watched. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. GOD BLESS :)))

  83. Hi, your vIdeos are amazing it answered part of a question I have had in my heart Ąπϑ I have this certainty in my that my breakthrough in piano has come. I did love to know whether your other lessons accessible only by paid membership contains more improvisation techniques/rules Ąπϑ if possible a bit of a general overview of what the other lessons would be covering cos I would love to subscribe. Do not grow weary in doing good.

    1. There’s a lot more online video training, just click on the “More Videos” link/button above on this page. Glad to hear you like what you’ve seen so far.

    1. Great to hear! It’s definitely my goal to show a “do-able” approach to playing the piano that makes sense and focuses on the most useful things without getting confusing. Glad to hear it “clicked” with you. πŸ™‚

  84. Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise for free. I have retired and I hope to learn how to play the piano like a pro. I do appreciate how you make it look like it’s really easy. You are a very good trainer. I’m sure many will be able to follow your lessons well. THANKS. GOD BLESS.

  85. What Ive learned for two weeks was summarized in 30-45mins by your techniques. Glad I came across your youtube channel. You don’t know how extremely grateful I am knowing that these materials are free.

  86. These lesssons are awesome, I do not have a piano but have just unpacked my Keyboard CTK900 CASIO and want to know if not having a pedal is going to be a hindrance? What I have followed on my PC so far is very easy to understand and so user friendly, and I thank you Mr. Genius, you have surely got a God-given gift and your sharing of it makes me feel so privileged. Thank you.

  87. Thank you so much! I teach Primary School children Class Music and they have been begging me to teach them the piano. We will be thoroughly enjoying your videos. The PDF’s are so, so helpful. Thank you so much. God bless you!

  88. Just stumbled on your videos on youtube.Must say your the best so far I’ve ever seen.I wanna start playing…now,Gonna purchase my first keyboard next month.Words can’t fanthom,,,Caribbean LOVE <3 to you

  89. I used to play the split organ when I was young from age 5 to age 16, and had never played the piano, but have just bought myself a electric piano (me now age 40) and have found your training very informative. I will be signing up for a membership for sure. You truly are a skilled and great performer.

  90. Great videos!! You really condensed over a year of piano classes in less than 30 minutes!! It was really helpful to get me back on tracks, after a few years away from the piano.
    Thank you!

  91. I have just found your website and I am going to try it out as I find that I will play a good speed with my right hand but putting both together I get very slow. I know my teacher ( sweetest teacher I could have) is very kind but if I don’t play proper I am going to toss it soon. I know my notes but putting them together is heck. Let you know how I get on. Thanks lots.

  92. Hi There,
    New to Keyboard, so i found this very informative & have now grasped the concepts of it due to your user friendly approach, thanks for the info & most of all thanks for your time & effort which I feel sure has benifited lots of people like myself.
    Thanks again,

  93. You are an awesome teacher, I wish you lived here in the South so you can be an inspiration to students and adults who want to learn to play piano. I watch all of your videos and I were impress by the way you broke things down for easy understanding of how to play a piano. I will be using the videos for my everyday lessons. I am determine to be the best I can be when it comes to learning to play the piano. Thank you so much for your free lessons and videos and the free download patterns to go by. Keep the good work up!!!!!!!!!

    1. Elyott, these free videos are called the “Core Module” in the members’ area. Module 1 is all new and continues on from there, hope that helps. -Tim

  94. Very good information and I do feel much more like a pro now! Looking forward to more. The guys at church will be blown away and now my Grandmother will stop complaining that I am plunking. This also can give me more versatility flexibility and transposing ability. Thanks SO much!

  95. Sir,

    Thank you very much for providing me free piano lessons. Sir, I am not in a position to spend the money on piano learning. But at the same time, I am very eager to learn piano as learning piano is my childhood dream. Now, I am confident that with your kind support, I can fulfill my dream. The lessons helped me a lot. Eagerly waiting for next ones.



  96. You are a legend!!! OMG best teacher ever!!! We need tons of teachers like you across the globe! THANKS FOR THE TUTORIAL! I already feel like a pro! πŸ™‚

  97. Thank u so much for this video piano tutorials of your. The numbering system and techniques that you have shared are really practical to understand that there are really certain combinations to play the piano without being off to the notes. It helped me a lot to play confidently and practice easily.

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