Here Are Your 10 Free Piano Lesson Videos

For beginning piano enthusiasts frustrated with having to memorize scales, chords, and chord progressions, this video, watched close to a million times, has explained more in a few minutes than some piano students have learned taking months of piano lessons

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Video 1: The “Number System” That Makes Everything Easier

The Number System: How to every any Major and minor chord and every Major and minor chord [WATCH]

Video 2: How To Play 100’s
Of Songs Right Now

How to learn and remember 100’s of songs, and the most common song chord progressions [WATCH]

Video 3: Understanding Sharps & Flats (Black Notes)

Why the same note can be called a sharp OR a flat, how to understand the difference, and why it doesn't matter [WATCH]

Video 4: Left Hand Basics That
Support Your Right-Hand Chords

Your left hand does less than your right: Simple patterns that let you focus more on your right hand chords [WATCH]

Video 5: Left Hand Basics Cont.

The main extra note you'll be adding in the left hand to play professional-sounding left-hand accompaniment patterns [WATCH]

Video 6: Basic Timing

Most songs are in 4/4 time signature (there are 4 beats in each measure/bar.) Here's what that looks like, with simple right & left hand rhythmic patterns [WATCH]

Video 7: Basic Chord Structure

"1 4 5" chords are the most common chords used in rock/popular music. Here's how to identify and play those chords in any key [WATCH]

Video 8: Dressing Up Chords #1

Here's how to "change up" playing standard 1-3-5 chords by using the 2 and 4 notes also to sound more interesting [WATCH]

Video 9: Dressing Up Chords #2

Another way to "dress up" basic chords is to rhythmically play the right thumb separately from the other two notes. Simple but effective [WATCH]

Video 10: Sustain Pedal Basics

You'll sound like a terrible beginner until you get comfortable using the sustain pedal properly, here's exactly how to do it [WATCH]

If you don't have the 10 day piano course PDF [click here]

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  1. I hv learned a lot omg! You’re really Genius! This quarentine made me soo special cause’ of you Bro❤️ Live long n stayblessed?❤️ Thanks a lot?

  2. Sir i am Treasure i want to learn how to follow songs with ease please Sir i really want to learn it thank you Sir for this great opportunity

  3. Thank you Sir… May the Almighty God bless you. I came to know more about piano not only this but as well as how sweet to hear the music.

  4. Wow!! What a great musician and instrumentalist. Its just not enough to think how generous you are with your talent. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly. You are helping so many people with this kind of presentation. Please keep it up

  5. I really thought that piano was hard to learn because of years of practices people spent but after reading your free lessons made me liked to play piano that i always borrow from my cousin. These lessons were really great, I’m very hopeful now because I can learn not in a “taboo” way ?.

    Thank you very much!

    • Playing the piano (and playing music in general) is a wonderful way to absorb yourself in things that can take your mind off your troubles and relax you. Best of luck, you’re in the right place! 🙂

  6. Sir, may God bless your good, unselfish heart for sharing these free tutorial videos. Thank you very much for everything. This really helps me a lot. More power to you, Sir!

  7. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have discovered your website, dear Sir.
    I have been around since 2014, but I am not a registered member.
    But to obtain such informative videos for free is very eye-opening for me and I hope to be able to really implement your free tutorials.

    Have been going through a very rough year, so now I am intending to fix myself by concentrating on learning what I have always loved. I hope I will be successful in my endeavour.

    As for you Sir, I salute you for this initiative and innovative way of teaching music. May God bless you and your family and keep doing what you love!



    • I would suggest that those who are curious, or appreciative, to pay for a month of videos. This guy is running a business, so if you like it subscribe and see if it is worth it for you.

  8. hey @pianogenious, i honestly love your non-selfish heart of nurturing us into this sweet music zone, i love all your lessons and wish you travelled to uganda and i attend any national training session with you. I was forced to buy a piano because i had discoverd the simplicity of exploiting my leisure using your basics.
    Thanks alot Tim Gross

  9. Thank you soo much Sir, I really love your videos it has really taught me a lot about piano.

  10. I am so glad I found your YouTube videos then visited your site. I went to lessons for just over 3 years and learnt more with your 10 tutorials than I ever did in those lessons! I wanted to say a huge thank you for inspiring me to give it another go and try to learn to play again. I’ve always wanted to play piano but thought it was just too hard for me, UNTIL your videos. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to play some tunes soon!

  11. Wow I am going to be a professional but I want u to pray the song u were praying in video 2 in f coz it is confusing me because of the sharp which is there not only that but also minors what minor should I use when I am playing in f major

  12. Thank you so much for uploading these videos. All your teachings are very clear and helpful. Wish you a healthy and happy life ???

    • You can add the 2 and 4 notes to any Major chord, playing 1-2-5 or 1-4-5 instead of 1-3-5 sometimes. Johnny B. Goode is more of a blues/rock song that doesn’t really have the “vibe” of adding the 2 and 4 notes though. It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s just that it doesn’t really fit the song. If you become a member to access to everything, there’s specific Modules on playing these types of blues/rock songs and 50’s rock songs. Hope that wasn’t confusing, and glad you’re enjoying the videos so far. 🙂

      • Absolutely, any keyboard will use the same rules and methods to play chords and scales, etc. Casio has some nice keyboards, the brand is more popular in Europe than in the U.S.

  13. I think your great for putting this out for people like me. The funds just aren’t there for lessons, even the reasonably priced lessons on line. I had found an LK-220 that I had gotten for my son years ago. You’ve helped fulfill years of just wanting to know something about it. Thank you

  14. I tried to learn piano as a child – years of frustration and tears. I played woodwind at an acceptable level but keyboard was beyond me – sure I can read music and pick out a melody with one finger but most people can do that. I inherited a Casio keyboard and really want to play it even if just to prove I can and it wasn’t me but a rubbish teacher!!! After just the first four tutorials it is starting to make sense, seeing the patterns and having fun. I’m sure the neighbours will soon hate me 🙂 Thank you so much for lifting the mystery.

  15. Literally best videos I’ve found to help me learn piano everyone else explain it in a complicated way and I just to get it the way they explain and I’m learning from home. Thank you so much for helping underhand

    • Playing the piano is very similar to the finger independence needed to type. (Learning to play the piano is excellent related training to typing better.) Beginning piano players have a tendency to tense up their hands and fingers, which makes them too stiff. Try “shaking out” your hands from your wrists to relax your fingers when they start tightening up and getting stiff. Also, drum your fingers independently on your desk when you’re at work or school or whatever. Your boss or teacher will hate it, but tell them I said it’s OK! 🙂

  16. Thank you so much really helped me. But I was wondering how to apply the 2nd and 4th fingers and adding the 5th on left hand on song I want to learn like when reading chord charts for songs like you did when playing Johnny b goode in video 2. Thanks for the videos was about to take lessons pfff waste of time 😉

    • The “default” way to play a 1-3-5 (C-E-G) chord is to use your 1-3-5 fingers, because if you watch the “dress up chords” videos you want your 2 and 4 fingers over the 2 and 4 notes to play sus2 and sus4 chords instead of the 3. IF you were about to play an F chord with these notes C-F-A next, then playing the C-E-G with your 1-2-4 fingers would help. But if your next chord was going to be C => G, the closest inversion would be moving DOWN to B-D-G, in which case playing the C chord with 1-2-4 fingers would be worse.

      Those inversions and fingering is getting ahead of what these 10 videos are about and are covered when you try out being a member. Bottom line: The “default” fingering for playing a 1-3-5 chord should be the 1-3-5 fingers or it’ll cause trouble for you down the line.

  17. Wonderful lessons and may God bless you sir. My piano teacher is teaching me to use fingers 1-2-4 instead of 1-3-5. He said this will help me play inverted chords. Example: playing C-E-G with fingers 1-2-4 and not 1-3-5 such that we could change to C-F-A inversion for Fmajorchord with fingers 1-3-5 within the same octave. Is that OK Sir?

  18. Thanks Tim..Iam eager to learnpiano now after playing guitar for 18 years…seeing how you teach helps me a lot as I don’t really know how to read music. This is awesome.

  19. I have watched a few of the first videos and so far I am liking what I am seeing. However, I don’t know what I should be practicing. I am starting to understand the concepts, but don’t know just what I should be doing on the actual keyboard. Is this coming in later videos or am I missing something?

    • Hi Jay, there’s an entire sequence of Modules in the members area that gets you up to speed, here are the first eight Modules (each about an hour’s worth of videos) to get you up and running:

      Module 1 (How to play all the most common chords you’ll come across)
      Introduction to Timing (How to keep time with and count through songs)
      “Song Detective” (understand how songs are put together)
      Playing Charts (playing songs from simple chord charts instead of sheet music)
      Inversions (how to play chords in any position so you don’t have to move your hand very much to move between chords),
      Rhythm Automation (The simplest left/right hand playing pattern to play songs in)
      Song Basics (different ways you can play the same three chords for multiple songs),
      Exercises (How to separate your left & right hands to play different things at the same time)

      You can get started by trying out Module 1 to see if it’s a good fit from you and take it from there if you like it, it’s all done in the same style/approach as these first 10 videos; Short “easy to digest” videos around 4-8 minutes in length on a specific topic/focus that continue on the next video, etc.

      I hope that helps, and glad you like what you’ve seen so far. 🙂

  20. thanks for puting up those videos have been blessed with your lessons now i can place the piano at our church during praise and worship.

  21. Wow! this is the best piano tutorial ever. i tried finding stuff on youtube but still wasn’t able to get very far. in about 30 minutes i was playing better than i ever had. thank you!

      • I’m left-handed, and there are many famous left-handed piano players/composers. It’s not a problem. When playing guitar most right-handers strum with their right hand and change chords/notes with their left hand… In my opinion, they’re demanding more out of their left hand than their dominant right hand, which is weird. Your fingers/hands will adapt to whatever you ask them to do over time. 🙂

  22. Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge. It was really a big help, especially the whole and half steps between keys… but I’m just wondering if the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th keys are pretty much the same as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th keys in the wholeness of steps between them. I would like to know as jazz and bossa nova have a lot of these chords but I still couldn’t quite figure it out yet. Thank you for any response.

  23. I took 10 years of piano lessons and quit 10 years ago because I felt like I wasn’t learning anything. I always loved playing the piano but teachers don’t teach what you need to know for the real world. I’m getting back into playing to help out at church and also for my own enjoyment. These videos made everything seem so much simpler than I ever imagined. This really is a fantastic video series!

  24. wow this is brilliant i have been having piano lessons online for 3 months this is so much easier to understand i wish i had found this sooner Thankyou for the free videos

  25. Hi I want to begin playing piano and I really enjoyed learning from these awesome videos
    I have a question sir I’m left-handed exactly how much harder is it for me to play piano since you should play the chords and more stuff with your right hand ? Does it matter?

  26. This was very helpful, but the 8th and 10th videos are not loading. :/ It says: Error; This media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed, or because the fomat is not supported. Great stuff though.

  27. Thank you Tim! What extraordinary content… While I’ve decided to test the waters in my mid 50’s your lessons & the simplicity with which they’re explained have inspired me to dive in to the unknown & see just how far I can go. BRAVO!!!

  28. I just can’t believe I was too close to learning but many lessons on the internet just made me so confused, it’s just 30 mins to watch all your “Gifts” and I feel like I understand thousands and thousands of lessons. thank you so much I can’t believe it would be simple like that.
    many many many thanks.
    May God Bless you

      • Unless it’s a very inexpensive keyboard that runs on batteries, you likely do have a place to plug in a sustain pedal. Sustain pedal is definitely important somewhere along the line, although it has nothing to do with initially getting familiar with notes, chords, etc.

  29. hey! hw iz u Tim! charting frm Tanzania, i real love ur training very much, am just used to play very local without knowing the basics now you open my eyes to me, am just feeling i was at dark, nw am starting afresh with your 10 videos, your a good piano teacher i ever knw, God bless u

  30. thanks i think it was very useful
    and i am just a begener so i don’t know much but i think it would help me a lot..!

  31. Old guitar players who FUBAR their left index finger need to learn to play Uke with three fingers and piano!

    As far as I can find on YT you have the best method by far. I learned more from these videos in 20 minutes than I thought I could in months.

    Very cool!


  32. Thanks for free courses! I’m gonna take some membership if not this week, next week.
    God bless you in the name of Jesus-Christ.

  33. Trimakasih…
    Sederhana tp jelas. Saya pernah kursus mlh bingung tp dgn melihat video anda saya cepat paham.
    Salam dari Indonesia.

  34. I started listening to your lessons last week after I got a keyboard last week Monday and I was able to play the chord to the choir songs in the fellowship yesterday (Sunday), during the Sunday service. It’s amazing!!! Thank you and God bless you in Jesus’ name.

  35. Thanks very much Tim, your piano lessons was very helpful to me. I had been struggling many years to play and remembered chords, and you’ve just shown me the simple way to do that! God bless you….

  36. man,you made me proud and i thought i was old to learn piano…but when i saw your video and after a few minute i already played songs with major 4 chords..thank you very much!

  37. Thank u so much I been watching your videos over and over now I can play songs such as whole lot of shaking going on and Johnny b good and a few others just watching your videos and listening to the songs thank you so much

  38. Tim, love your videos, man. My new DGX-660 Yamaha keyboard should be here tomorrow so I can start practicing what you’ve shown in these and then move on to the others. But, in the meantime, I’ve learned so much from just watching your videos…more than anything else I’ve seen or heard. Can’t wait to put some of this knowledge to use on my new keyboar!! Thank you so much for putting all of this together for us beginners.

    • Yes, you can read the important parts of the sheet music while using basic accompaniment to fill in the rest, as explained in these videos.

  39. This is fantastic! I’ve been a bass/guitar player my whole life and wanted to pick up piano to help write and compose songs. I also wanted to be able to play some keys in my band if needed. This method approaches learning the piano the same way I approach playing bass or guitar. Very simple and easy to understand. After about 30 minutes I was playing along to simple I-IV-V songs with ease! Looking forward to exploring the paid modules!

  40. Love the lesson very easy to get for me. Wow I can play, literately
    Thanks I should have done this years ago!

  41. Your videos have provided a much needed insight into a quick basic learning. I’m glad I came across your page! Thanks so much!!! I hope you come up with more videos soon of how to play the most popular songs of all time!

  42. I have been struggling on my piano for years. but your lesson are awesome and very informative. thank you for following up so easily. I wish to become a good pianist like you.

  43. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent on how to play the piano. I really want to learn how to play piano quickly. I even took a piano lessons but I can’t understand and your videos seems to be more understandable than what my teacher is telling. I wish I can be as good as you. Continue sharing you god-given gifts. Thank you very much! You are such an inspiration.

  44. I’m nearly 50 and I started playing keyboard just because I bought a DAW. In a few minutes your awesome videos have taught me more than I ever thought I would be able to do on keyboards. This is so liberating. I really want to thank you man, this is the best.

  45. I’m a bass player. I play some guitar. These piano / Keyboarding techniques are great! I’d write more, but have to go practice! 🙂 thanks so much for this! Highly recommended!

  46. I tried lessons as a kid,teachers so full of themselves…couldn’t afford that stuff. Asked others who played to teach me some basics…didn’t have time. With I had this 50 years ago…Thanks

  47. Thanks so much for these lessons! I’m pretty new to this and am wondering if theres any way to get better at just getting my fingers to do the right thing. Is it really just practice practice practice?

  48. Thank you good sir,your videos have helped me out so much.Im a beginner in playing the piano,so I find this material very useful.Keep up the good work 🙂

  49. Thank you so much Sir! I learned a lot from your tutorials and it really amazed me. It helps me to understand more on how to play the piano and I believe that it really helps me to learn faster! Thank you so much!!! And I promise I can’t forget you Sir for sharing your talent! You’re so amazing! THANK YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU MORE ^_^

  50. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have played guitar for 20 years and always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I just watched your 10 videos, and can’t believe how much I learned in 2 hours. You are awesome. Thank you!

  51. Thank you so much! I saw your video on youtube but it only contain parts 1 and 2. I thought this is not free but I am wrong. Now I have the confidence to boost my love in piano and I am gonnna teach my son.

    From Philippines

    • You should be able to watch all the videos, whether you’re on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, etc. If you’re having an issue, try a different browser (Firefox, Google.) It’s always possible to have temporary glitches, but beyond that all the videos should play, please try again and let me know.

  52. I am now retired so it’s now or never for me to try to learn keyboard playing.
    Before I commit to paying your very reasonable monthly fee I would like to know what topics the monthly lesson videos will cover. Do you have a document which lists the topics covered that you could send me please

  53. Great program. This is Dan the guy who builds guitar amps, buddy guys amps, Jimmi Vaughn ect… One of these days I’ll find time to learn. Its a time thing right now but your program is key. Understanding guitar, your lessons make understanding piano seamless.

  54. I played piano when I was very little & was semi good @ it. Now that I am in a band (singer) I thought it would be good to get back to it. I tried guitar, but my fingers did not like that so much, so I thought, why not pick up the piano again. Though I am using a 76 key keyboard with all sorts of fancy things on top. I need to get back to basics. I just watched & learned with the first 10 videos. They brought back a lot that I had done many many years ago. Thank you for this, I look forward to more videos.

  55. Dear sir,
    Firstly ” THANK YOU”. It takes a lot to bless others and impart. Really appreciated. Will apply your teachings.God bless ya.

  56. Amazing videos … learnt chords real quick .. however not able to view the videos beyond the second video… kindly adivise

  57. yo man, you knoww shit, like 4 real you helped me and not only just look at the comments, you know what you do and you teach in an awesome way keep it up man

    • You will probably want to move up to a keyboard with more keys eventually, but a smaller keyboard is fine for getting familiar with notes, chords, the shape of your hands/fingers for playing different chords, etc.

  58. Hi from the Netherlands . These are the best videos for a beginning piano player, and i think i have seen 50. Thank you!

  59. Thank you so much sir. You are an amazing teacher. I have always been discouraged about learning the piano because it looks so hard, and you’ve made it so easy for me. Thank you again.

    • Sorry for the problem, those videos should play on pretty much anything… Try using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox) if you’re on a computer, or there may have just been a temporary glitch, meaning they’ll play for you now.

  60. Never been able to play music, as I have always found it too difficult to understand but your number system I understand. I have had a life long wish to be able to play music, perhaps now I have a chance, so I will give it a go. Thanks for sharing this learning method 😉

  61. Hi i am just fascinated after seeing your video. It looks so easy . I even practiced the chord using ur numbering system. However before viewing your video i was little apprehensive about whether i shall be able to learn piano so i bought a small 54 keys electronic keyboard which Normally kids play. But it has the notes and sound is also good. I want to know if it is advisable to start learning in this small keyboard or directly we have to start learning in big piano or keyboard. Only problem what i can imagine is the keysize in this keyboard is smaller than the original one. So i want to know will that create a problem in future when i play on big keyboard.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and once again thank you very much for your videos…

    • It takes a little bit of “ear training” to be able to tell what key a song is in. While you’re listening to a song or to someone singing, you can try hitting the obvious notes that the key of the song might be (C, G, E, A are probably the most common keys) to try to find out. There’s a whole module dedicated to Ear Training in the members area.

  62. I can’t access the 10 free videos, why? Do I have to pay for them??? No matter how much I try to click them, they seem to be not available!

  63. Just Wanted to thank you so much! I’m from israel ?your videos are the best ! i cant afford piano lessons so i searched in the internet and thanks god i found you !this is realy kind of you! Thanks alot!!!!!hope i’l be abel to play my songs one day…

  64. Wow, how crazy to think that something so simply can be made so overly complicated! I’ve been a musician for over 16 years now (trumpet player, albeit, so not savvy with chords) and only began learning piano a few years ago. Several lessons and hundreds of dollars lately was nothing compared to this! Thanks, man. I’m a stage musician too so it will be super helpful if I ever giddy up on piano to actually be able to do things with more ease and fluidity like you’ve illustrated. And realizing how simple it can be to transpose when you use the number system? GENIUS. Much appreciated, thank you for sharing your knowledge with those of us who can’t afford to learn otherwise.

  65. I am 15 years old and am trying to study music and digital art (like photography and animation and all of that jazz) for the past two years. I’ve been trying to play piano for so long! but could barely even get myself to look at a note and say, “yeah, that’s a C for sure” until a few days ago when I watched your videos. Thank you very much for making these vids. Now I’m a step closer to making my projects and dreams come true!

  66. I stopped searching already. I’m so grateful to you for taking out time to share your knowledge and not going with it to the grave. You’ll always be remembered. God bless you.

  67. Amazing videos I am loving it. Your videos are simply awesome and thanks for helping in realizing one’s dream. I m playing piano since childhood without any training I can play almost every song but I came to know that it feels empty to play songs without chords and fingering techniques, So I decided work on my skills and see what I found a great Guide like you thank you very much for posting such good videos.

  68. I’m so glad I found this site. The tutorials are very useful! I’m self taught so this is making learning it so much easier. Thanks!

  69. Tq very much for the tutorial , its so helped me to understand how to play piano basic, tq very much
    God Bless You 🙂

  70. thank you very much! I learned how to play piano less an hour yey! thank u again! God Bless U! 🙂 :*

  71. Thanks for a great teacher like Tim. hopefully, I can learn well playing piano and sounded like a pro just like the Great Tim. Thank you so much.

  72. This is so amazing thank u!!! My mom insisted i take piano lessons from someone who i know is gonna teach me the traditional stuff. Piano has never been easier! Thank u so much!! Sorry for bad english still practicing hhaaha

  73. Many years I played wrong joust I sow this 10 videos and it’s changed all my wrong things .Thank you for you best teaching I be told it’s best teaching on the world.Thanks all at ….

  74. i really loved these tutorials….i learnt these by going many classes paying high fee….but u made it simple and free and yet far effective than the paid ones

  75. Shello! I really enjoyed all ten piano learning video’s! These video’s teach you basic and advanced piano hand technique’s which sound nice when combined C on C or D on D from opposite hands or 1-3-5 as to opposed left hand of 1-3-5 (1-8) or into more movement’s as hand cordination is taugh with practice… I wouldn’t say I learned all of these step’s right away as a piano beginner, but it has really opened the way I see piano into whole’s and cut’s and so forth…
    So far, I learned online how to:
    #1 Understand Piano
    #2 Intro. to left hand, number’s to chord progession’s
    #3 Sharp’s and Flat’s
    #4 Left hand basic’s, octave’s, single note’s
    #5 Left hand with fifth
    #6 Basic time, measure 4 beat’s
    #7 Strong structure 1-4-5 progression
    #8 Dress-up chord’s 1, use 2 and 4, for chord’s to have interesting sounds
    #9 Dress-up chord’s 2, play thumb separately, for more movement’s
    #10 Sustain pedal intro. using ear to release to start next chord

    Thanq’s a lot, Piano Genius!

    Monica A. Gomez

    • Ive just came across your lessons an u my friend are a blessing. Thank you for sharing your gifted way of teaching….

  76. Your video tutorial is very easy to follow and thank you so much. I am motivated to improve and get started again.

  77. This is crazy. I never come across piano teaching like this. Too easy, just too easy. This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Amazing, I leant a lot so fast. I made a lot of progress with your videos and I am playing chords a lot! THanks!

  79. Easily the most practical piano lessons I’ve found on the internet. I find it almost comical just how
    laboriously some of the other videos attempt to teach the same concepts. Bravo!

  80. This has been wonderful for me. I have been fiddling around on piano for many years, and never seem to get much better after a certain point. Nothing was flowing. This is going to make a big difference to how I feel about piano – I love these lessons. Thank you for posting and sharing your knowledge.

  81. Hi Mr. Tim,
    Looking at the number of votes thanks here, my only hope is that you get to read this and know that I CHUKWUEBUKA is now a pianist, a piano genius! courtesy of your video, I’ve never read anything so helpful in a long while.Thanks a million times and may your wisdom never diminish in JESUS NAME!

  82. I am 44. I have been playing drums and guitar for 30 years. Have been playing professionally for 27.
    I always thought I wasn’t qualified to learn piano. I was intimidated by it. after watching your youtube vids in february , I am already adding piano tracks to my songs. My wife has noticed how quickly your tips helped me to figure it out.
    I now wish I had tried earlier in life, but am quite pleased with myself.
    Thanks so much man. All I ever wanted to do was bust out a tune on the piano at a party, and now i can 🙂
    I would purchase your program , but i am a musician so i am broke. your tips alone helped though .
    Cheers Tim

  83. Thanks for these tutorials, they are amazing and help a lot! I hope you are going to do some more? Would be great!

  84. thank you for the teachings you save my cravings in piano im just new in piano but you give me a lot of knowledge thanks a lot and may God bless you

  85. A grateful beginner thanks you for being so clear and generous with your lessons. I am 79 years old and have few regrets in my life; but one was that I have never learned to play a musical instrument. Hopefully it is not too late. Your lessons certainly make the theory clear and simple to understand, now if I can get these fingers to go along I will be most happy and grateful. So far so good.
    Best wishes

  86. I am an absolute beginner and have browsed through a number of online lessons at various websites. Your tutorials are simply the best. Much appreciated and a big THANK YOU from me (from Australia)!??

  87. You are an amazing Teacher ^^ , I already watched lots of videos but never got any benefit as I got from yours <3

  88. You are bless! You are a leader far from a teacher you jst lead me into being a music producer step me ahead of what I was as a sound engineer. Thanks man

  89. Hi Tim, thank you for giving us this free tutorial and materials! I am a beginner, no experience but I won’t hire an instructor because I’d like to learn how to play and read on my own. I will keep in touch with you as I progress, thank you!

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      Also, I find the numbering system very easy to understand than other lessons that are using notes blabla. THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR!

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