Piano Genius’ Premiere Beginning Piano Lessons Video Surpasses 8 Million Views On Youtube

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Piano Genius’ Premiere Beginning Piano Lessons Video
Surpasses 8 Million Views On Youtube


From: Educated Media LLC
Date: 4/12/18

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PianoGenius.com founder Tim Gross’ initial beginning piano lessons video, “Learn To Play Piano Instantly: #1 Beginning Training (Pro Shortcuts)”  just passed the 8 million views marker on Youtube due to it being one of the most popular beginning piano lessons videos.

Created about 7 years ago by Tim Gross on a whim because he thought the existing “beginning piano” lessons on Youtube were confusing and ineffective, the 11 minute video outlining the “number system” that he explained professional musicians like himself use as a map to understand music quickly without needing complicated sheet music instantly caught on.

Over time based on viewership, retention, and feedback, Youtube began to consistently list the video in the top three Youtube search results for search terms like “beginning piano lessons” and there are no signs of its popularity stopping.

ytubegraph8Caption: Piano Genius’ Youtube Video Views Over Time


The Youtube video was initially branded as “Instant Piano Genius” with the promise that by watching the first two short Youtube videos that you’d learn more in 15 minutes than some beginning piano students learn in months taking traditional lessons. A large claim to be sure, but one that hundreds of Youtube commentors have confirmed from their own personal experience.

The channel was later branded to the shortened “Piano Genius” and gave birth to the successful training membership site on PianoGenius.com which provides online piano training from beginner to advanced, with over 500 piano lesson videos and more available monthly.

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