I played “horns” on Rick Springfield’s new song

I played keyboards on Rick Springfield’s new album “The Snake King”, and on this song “Little Demon” I played the horn/trumpet part (sampled trumpet sounds on my keyboard) , and towards the end at the 4:40 minute mark I played a synthesizer part/solo. Check it out:

Recording on someone’s album is a perfect example of why and when being able to read sheet music is unnecessary (and in fact useless.) Because to a large degree it’s the musicians’ responsibility to come up with good parts that fit the song, so it’s all about using your ear, being able to come up with parts that fit, and the ability to take direction and play a part you’re asked to play on the spot.

That’s exactly the kind of “skill stack” you’ll learn as a Piano Genius member. While I can’t promise becoming a member will lead you to getting play keyboards on a Grammy-award winning artist’s album, it can’t hurt! 🙂

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