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I Wish I’d Never Learned To Play The Piano


(Yep, it’s April 1st… Do “April Fools” pranks exist worldwide or only in North America? If not, please is probably confusing.)

Tim Gross here, and the truth is, learning to play piano was the *one thing* of everything I’ve done that changed my life completely.

My ability to play the piano has given me:

  • Most of my best friends (met them through music)
  • My wife (met her through music)
  • Where I live (Palm Springs – I moved there to play music)
  • My job (Playing music, touring with Rick Springfield)
  • My “business” (Showing others how to play piano)

In addition to the above, being able to play the piano has given me less tangible things as well:

  • An outlet for frustration, restlessness, and depression (just sitting down at a keyboard and playing whatever comes to mind is almost like therapy)
  • A sense of confidence (as a teenager one of the first ways I got positive attention attention was playing the piano, and that ability continues to serve me well)
  • The motivation and inspiration to obtain other skills as well, like singing, songwriting, and playing guitar, which all give their own sense of satisfaction.

Music Is An Amazing Thing

Hearing the right song at the right time can change your mood. It can remind you of a special time or a special person, or it can motivate you to be a better you or to not give up.

By becoming a musician you can be the one who can do that for someone else, and that’s a special gift that’s worth working at to have. 🙂

So share with me: What does music do for you, and what do you want from it? What do you want to be able to do on the piano? I don’t mean what songs do you want to play, I mean what’s behind it? Do you want to be able to play at your friend’s wedding? Play a song for your loved one (or hopefully future loved one?) Impress your friends, family, and even strangers? Be able to liven up a party? Just have the satisfaction of being able to sit down in private and play something that makes you happy? Let me know… No foolin’ 🙂

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