Free Piano Training Video #3

Free Piano Lesson Video #3: Understanding Sharps and Flats

Continuing on from Video 2, this video shows:

1) Easy way to understand what sharps and flat are. Example: The notes C# (C-sharp) and Db (D-flat) are the same note. (It’s the black note between C and D)

2) Why, for the purposes of how I’ll be continuing to show you how to play piano it really doesn’t matter much anyway!

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17 thoughts on “Free Piano Training Video #3”

  1. Thank you bro! I’m 20 years old here in the Philippines, playing a piano at the church. I’m not good enough in playing, I’m playing only a chords. I hope you will help me by posting more video tutorial. help me how to know the keys. ex. key of C!. thank you and God bless!…

  2. I’m so glad i came up with this site. Thank you so much InstantPianoGenius. I really want to learn how to play piano, but no money to pay for piano classes. With this videos to watch repeatedly, i can now learn how to play piano that simple and that practical with nothing to worry about notes and chords. Also, this is a stepping stone for me, to learn piano and be a part of the music ministry of our church. God bless! 😀

  3. This is the best tutorials videos I have seen, I am new to keyboad I have neva been able to play a single chord. but after watching these videos I now know where to start from. Thank you very much

  4. I have long desired to learn the keyboard and have always thought that it will be very difficult. But I was wrong !!! With these simple step I could now start playing the chords …. thank you so much !!!

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