Free Video Piano Lessons 1-10

Here Are Your 10 Free
Piano Lesson Videos

For beginning piano enthusiasts frustrated with having to memorize scales, chords, and chord progressions, these videos have explained more in a few minutes than many piano students have said they’ve learned taking months of piano lessons.

Video 1: The “Number System” That Makes Everything Easier

[WATCH] The Number System: How to play any Major and minor chord or scale

Video 2: How To Play 100’s Of Songs

[WATCH] How to use the Number System to learn and remember 100’s of songs, and the most common chord progressions you’ll hear in literally hundreds of songs

Video 3: Black Notes – Don’t Stress, Here’s What You Need To Know

[WATCH] Understanding sharps and flats (black notes) and why you don’t need to stress about them

Video 4: “Set and Forget” Your Left Hand

[WATCH] What your left hand should normally be doing in relation to the chords your right hand is playing. (“Set it and forget it”)

Video 5: Sound Like A Pro With This Added Left-Hand Note

[WATCH] The main extra note you’ll be adding in the left hand to play professional-sounding left-hand patterns

Video 6:  The Basics of Timing And Counting Through Songs

[WATCH] The basics of timing, and simple ways your right and left hands play rhythmically in relation to the beat

Video 7: Playing Song Chords Based on Numbers

[WATCH] Basic song chord structure, and how to play song chords based on numbers

Video 8: Dressing Up Your Basic Chords To Sound Better

[WATCH] Simple ways to make the chords you’re playing sound more interesting

Video 9: Dressing Up Your Chords Part 2 (Continued…)

[WATCH] “Dressing Up Chords” part 2:  Adding notes to your left hand chords

Video 10: The Importance of Using the Sustain Pedal Correctly

[WATCH] What the sustain pedal is, and why you’ll sound like a terrible beginner until you follow these steps


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