Professional touring rock & roll keyboardist shows how to:

"Play Your First Song On Piano In
Less Than 20 Minutes Guaranteed"

(In fact, you'll be able to play dozens of songs...)

Here's What You'll Discover Right Now

  • How to easily play ANY Major and minor chord, and every Major and minor scale
  • The simple patterns your left hand should play so you can "set and forget it"
  • How to "dress up" the way you play your right-hand chords so they sound beautiful and professional
  • How to play DOZENS OF SONGS - starting right now - within the next 20 minutes

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Why This Piano Training Is Different

My name is Tim Gross, and I've made my living playing keyboards for the last 30+ years, I currently tour the country with Rick Springfield (who has the hit, "Jessie's Girl". Most of what I learned taking piano lessons ended up being useless to me for what I wanted to do.  (So I'm not going to show you that stuff, heh.) In my line of work I need to learn songs quickly.

Here's some beginning training of the quickest way to learn piano. Watch the two videos below on this page to learn more about piano in 15 minutes than some beginning students learn taking months of lessons. You'll also learn my "Number System" that simplifies everything for you.

Here's Part 1:

Here's Part 2 Below:

(Covers adding your left hand, and how to use the Number System
to quickly learn lots of songs: Putting it all together.)


Thanks for watching. I hope you're excited about the power of learning piano through this "Number System" instead of the slow, painful way most people are used to.

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I've really enjoyed creating these piano training videos... I've been on stage playing keyboards a total of about 7,000 hours playing all kinds of music, and a lot of what I do the most can be learned quicker and easier than most beginning piano players would ever imagine.

Just promise after I teach you all my secrets that you don't steal my gigs. 🙂

One final thing: I'm not claiming that you can become a world-class piano player overnight (duh!) but many many people have said they've learned more from the 17 minutes of the initial 2 videos than they did in a year of taking regular piano lessons, that everything finally made sense, that it finally "clicked".

With that being said, there's a factor called "finger memory" that requires repetition to get used to changing chords and notes comfortably... with this training you'll be learning the most important things to commit to that "finger memory" instead of the silly stuff lots of piano teachers make you learn that can't be applied to anything else.

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54 responses to “Free Piano Lessons Online: Play Better Faster With These Piano Genius Shortcuts”

  1. Very encouraging; makes sense, especially for those who just want to sit down and play for relaxation and entertainment.

  2. Don’t know if you believe in God or not but you and your simplicity are an answer to prayer. Thank you so much! I am a math/science teacher with two musically gifted kids and a husband who plays acoustic guitar. For years all I could do was stare and smile while everyone else sang their hearts out. I have learned 3 worship songs in 1 week and will be practicing them for our “open mic” night at church! Whoohoo! May you be blessed 100 fold the way you have blessed!

  3. Educating, informing and somehow, entertaining. Your tutorial wiped out all apprehension and fear in figuring out the number system. Thanx a million, and keep up the good work.

  4. You re really a genius. True to words, i have learnt so much more in a few days just watching your videos than i have done over a few months of learning the piano. Its unbelieveable that all these videos are free! Thank you so much. May God bless you real good.

  5. As a guitar player (beginner) I learned some theory so I recognize how Maj7 chords are built using the 1,3,5,7, Min7: 1, b3,5,b7, etc. Your lessons make perfect sense in translating that same theory the way I learned it for guitar into keyboard. You explained it exactly how I needed to hear it in order for it to make sense. People should realize that the numbering system you use is “for real” in the sense that musicians will commonly refer to the “5” or the “1” as a reference to the 5th, or 1st (respectively) note/chord/diad, etc. in the Major scale. Good Stuff!

  6. Just inherited my great great great grandfather’s ship organ. And feel totally comfortable with every chord…wonderful

  7. nice and way more cheap than train to other teacher wich it will make you pay more than 400 $ a year if you’re on indonesia

  8. I really wanted to learn how to play piano and this helped me alot. Thankul that there are still people who share their knowledge and talent and not asking much in return. 🙂 Godspeed!

  9. I’m 66yrs young, and I took lessons when I was in my teens. But,
    I stopped. Now with you method I’ve returned, and at last feel I
    get what I want out of this, just simply play music and have fun
    doing it.

    • Yay, great to hear Leon! It’s sad that the standard way of teaching piano is a forced curriculum that isn’t as enjoyable as it could be and that turns many people off to playing piano completely. Glad you’re playing what you want now. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the fantastic videos.. Really helped! Would like to learn melodies with accompanying chords and if there’s a lesson on that? Not much of a singer hence melodies would help complete a song. Thanks again!

  11. i’m not amusic player, even i only man with a bored life, but i keep look for something that can make me a very little happy by listening music sounds…so i decide to eksplore what the music is.. with little hope i can play a music instrument…instrument that stranger for me..And I GET it ….! what such easiest way to fill my sadness with these lessonss.. THANK YOU

  12. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I thought I have lost my biggest desire to learn to play piano but not when I’ve seen your videos. Definitely a big help…almost crystal clear learning the basics.. Big thanks from here..

  13. Hi TIM,
    i recently came across the major scale formula which is WWHWWWH . please will this also be true for a minor scale (WWHWHWW) formula , if not is there a formula for that too and what will it be .

    • Using W=Whole Step and H=Half Step, the “formula” for minor scales is WHWWHWW, It’s easiest to see in the key of A-minor because it’s all white note: A B C D E F G A

  14. I’m just beginning my piano lessons and I must say that I feel blessed having the opportunity to access the invaluable insights that you share on this platform. I really I’m grateful and would like to say keep these amazing lessons coming with this touch of uncommon simplicity. Thanks.

  15. Thanks a lot for sharing your blessings sir as one of the most professional keyboard player.. your video thought me a lot and I really appreciate sir… Now I learn a lot and I will watch it over and over to be a prof. keyboard player too..God Bless and More videos to come…Merry christmas…

    • Definitely, a good percentage of people who go on to become Piano Genius members have no previous experience playing the piano.

    • Yes, you can get started with more by just subscribing on this page with your email (it doesn’t cost anything) and you’ll get access to 10 piano lesson videos.

  16. Knowing a bit of drums, i started tottaly “playing” some keyboards.Tim’s videos are great, easy to watch and full of tips.From my few emails with the suppoort of Pianogenius, i only have to say, that they are great,very supportive and generous sharing knowledge, videos and help.! Pianogenius is a surprise..!!

  17. I’m 52 years old. I love piano. But due to my hectic life I dont have the chance to take up piano lesson. Do you think I can catch at my age? Thx

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