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The videos aren't playing for me


Problems with getting the videos to play are almost always easily resolved.

First, please check somewhere else like YouTube to confirm that you do have a good Internet connection and that those videos play for you. If you’re still having a problem, please try using a different browser to log in to the site (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and see if that helps.

Every once in a while a member will say that the audio / video is out of synch, or that the video portion is frozen, or that the whole video is green, or black & white, or weird pixels jump around, etc. In most cases, they tell me the next day it's not doing any more, so step one would be to reboot your computer, then try a different browser.

If you continue having problems getting the videos (or a specific video) to play, please Submit A Support Ticket and be as specific as possible about what's going on and we'll get it worked out.


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