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Getting logged out when I click page in members area then have to log in again


Here's what to do if you're having an issue getting logged out of the members area when you click on a link inside the members area.

The first step is to just reboot your computer/laptop/device by powering it down and back up, then logging back into the members area, that will likely fix the issue.

It's likely a specific browser issue, sometimes if a browser hasn't been cleared of "cookies" for a long time, or if you're running a "security" software or plugin or add-on (which could be running even if you're not aware of it), or running in incognito mode or something, all those things can make a browser forget that you're already logged in.

The second step is to try using a different browser when logging in, sometimes a specific browser can get "glitchy" when it comes to certain things. So try logging in with a different one than you're currently using, either Google Chrome or Firefox, they're both very similar but when one gets glitchy for whatever reason the other one usually works fine, and they're both free:

A third step is to delete browser cookies/history so you're starting "fresh" again. Before doing that you can try logging in with an "incognito" browser window, which is similar. Click on the top right of your browser and click on the three vertical dots or dashes you see and select "New Incognito Window" or "New Private Window", and log in with that. IF that works for you, it means it was a cookies/browser history issue causing the problem, and you could choose to delete your browser cookies/history, or just continue accessing the members area in the private window.

If the above doesn't help, just contact us with your details (what device you're using; PC/Mac/tablet/etc, whether you've tried the above steps, and we'll help you get it fixed.

Let me know if that helps and if the issue keeps happening, and again, sorry for the hassle.

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