3 thoughts on “My Piano Is Smiling”

  1. I always wondered why keyboardists often have two keyboards. Are they configured for different sounds? Or set to emulate an instrument other than piano? Or maybe connected to different speakers?

    1. A lot of keyboards (like the red one on top, it’s a “Nord”) can only play one sound at a time: Piano or organ or strings, etc. meaning that if you want to be playing piano and organ at the same time you need a second keyboard. That bottom keyboard is a Korg Triton, which is what’s called a “workstation”, and it allows me to split the keyboard in multiple spots so I can have a synth sound in the middle, a “horn” sound higher up, etc, so sometimes that can be done instead of needing a second keyboard.

      In this particular case, the bottom “Triton” keyboard has a lot of great sounds I need for that gig but NOT the greatest piano or organ sounds, and the top “Nord” keyboard does a better job for those sounds. 🙂

      1. Thanks! That’s really interesting. I have an acoustic piano so I don’t have those options, but it’s cool to understand how they’re used.


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