Subscribing To Comments

When you post a question or comment in the members area you can get notified when there’s a response, here’s how:

When you ask a question you usually want to know when you get a response, so when you post a comment the default is to subscribe you to responses to your specific question/comment, you’ll see this drop-down by the “send” button:

That “Replies to my comments” default option means you’ll get an email letting you know when you get a reply to whatever it is you’re posting. You can select either of three choices:

Don’t Subscribe” means you won’t receive any emails no matter what other comments are posted, and “All” means you’ll get an email every time there’s ANY comment made on the page. That might be a good choice if the page is specifically about a topic you want to hear every response about, but might give you too many notifications if it s a more general highly-commented page.

When you get an email notification it’ll look like this, and there’ll be a link at the bottom to un-subscribe if you no longer want to receive notifications:

It should be really handy for you, but if there’s any problem with unsubscribing or if there’s any issue, just let me know.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Subscribing To Comments”

  1. Hi Tim
    Thank you for the module on timing.
    at the moment I am concentrating on passing notes on module 1-5 and 1-6. I am making steady progress.

    Edmund. ( Eddie )

  2. Trying to be helpful, not nitpicking:
    At the top of the page should read “get” a response.
    Bottom of the page should read – should be “handy”
    Thanks for the help you’ve promised. I’ve done several things musically but have never taken to learning to read music. So your course has me very intrigued. I have wanted to “learn” to play piano since I was about 8. My parents couldn’t afford lessons so I just played on the piano we had. When I was 13 my dad was teaching at a private academy. I joined the band. I wanted to sound like my favorite group, Chicago! I found it easy to copy the guy sitting next to me; it got me to second chair as a freshman. However, it was becoming very difficult to memorize so many pieces and the increase of key changes. Lol! I gave up band at the end of my freshman year. My friend, Dean, one of the most talented guys I know, heard me singing as we were rolling pipe fittings on the floor. We were part of a maintenance crew. He twisted my arm and got me to try out for choir. Singing and music has been a very rewarding part of my life this past 47 years. I’ve been able to sing in nearly every state and Mexico, Poland, India, and Indonesia. Finally, it’s time to play piano! Thanks for the hope you’ve given me.
    Also, just got to thinking about this, I really want my kids to learn with me. Provided this method is a fit, I intend on continuing the subscription. Do I need to purchase a subscription for each child?
    I hope I didn’t bore you!
    Sincerely, Rick

    1. Hi Richard – I fixed the edits you mentioned, thanks. (Not nitpicky, I want to fix that stuff.) Thanks for sharing your story, and yes, you can let your kids use your subscription. 🙂

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