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From: Tim Gross,

Dear Friend,

If you want to become a better piano player faster, easier, and have more fun doing it, don't miss out on this... The Instant Piano Genius membership site is brand-new, and already members are saying things like:

"over the top...", "awesome", "unique", "saved me years...", "you are bringing joy", "so much fun", "exceptional teaching skills", "fantastic", "you are a bundle of blessing to me", "wonderful", "opened up a brand new way...", "you could be my hero..."

Wow! I'm humbled and very very happy to hear how much my training is helping members - and that's why I want you to try out becoming a member too and see for yourself how much it can help.

Unlike any piano training you've ever had

You've watched the free videos explaining my "number system" and have seen how much easier it is to learn piano this way than through traditional methods. I'm a working piano player (I just played a gig last night as I'm writing this) and I'm only focusing on what you actually need to know to play better faster, and just ignoring the boring stuff that piano teachers make you do that doesn't really help.

That's why members are telling me things like, "...over the period of even one week my playing has improved." And by the way, you'll see all these actual comments yourself in the member training area as soon as you sign up, and hopefully you'll be adding your happy comments shortly. :-)

It's like having me sit next to you

The video training is just like having me sit next to you helping you play the piano. Members keep telling me I have a knack for answering the exact questions they have, and that for the first time everything becomes clear to them.

Save Time
Many, many people have said they've learned more from a couple of short videos than they have in a year of traditional piano lessons.

Easy To Use
Delivered online for easy access, or download the videos and "jam" audios to your iPad, iPhone, or other portable device.

Find What You Need
Short, explained tutorials tell you exactly what you're going to learn, broken down into simple steps.

Practice Files & Tracks
Play along with prerecorded tracks and drum beats specifically created to help with what you're learning.

Put On Your iPad/Phone
Put the videos on your iPad, tablet, even your smartphone, to watch while you're sitting at your piano/keyboard.

Get Feedback & Answers
Stumped about something? No problem, just post a comment or a question.

Impress Friends & Family
Your friends will be blown away by how quickly you improve on piano with Instant Piano Genius.

Discover My Secret Tricks
I'll show you some easy-to-master things that will make you sound more advanced than you even are

Help / Support
If you have any problems or trouble with anything, just let us know and we'll get it fixed for you.

1Get your password for instant access to brand-new piano training videos that really open up the keyboard and get you sounding better quickly.

2Every 30 days a complete new video training module will be added to help you even more, so start your membership time-clock now.

Initial response by members has been nothing short of amazing... Don't miss out, find out for yourself what others already know. :-)


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continuing membership by starting your membership now.)

Your monthly membership is $49.95/month just $19.95/month when you become a member by grabbing your password right now. You'll get full access to the Module 1 training instantly and if for any reason you don't feel the training is for you, just let me know and I'll happily refund every penny.

If you love Module 1 and want more, you can keep your membership and you'll be billed $49.95 just $19.95 at the end of that 30 days, then you'll receive immediate access to Module 2 which you can try for 30 days as well (and then Module 3, 4, etc, one more each month you remain a member.)

It'll be the same every month - You only pay for and progress to the next Module after each 30 day "try-out". It's completely risk-free, and if you don't think it's amazing and exactly what you need, just let me know within the next 30 days and you'll get a refund of every penny. No hassles, and we're still friends, I just want you to have the chance to try it out for yourself.

(Important: If you wait to join you'll get less, not more. Future monthly modules will be timed to your join date, so when you join now, you'll get Module 1 immediately, Module 2 in thirty days, Module 3 in sixty days, etc. If you wait sixty days to join, you'll get Module 1 at that time, Module 2 thirty days after that, etc.

You can cancel your membership at any time (and you'll continue to have unlimited access to the video training you've received up to that point), but based on initial member response so far, I don't think you'll want to.

Start Your Risk-Free Membership Now
And See For Yourself

Based on current members' feedback, I believe having an Instant Piano Genius membership will be a huge help to you and that it'll make you very happy... I want to remove all the risk for you to see for yourself.

To your improved piano playing, your friend Tim

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PS - If you liked the free videos I've given to you so far, you're going to love your full membership - You get play-along tracks, downloadable drum beats to use... everything you need to have fun while you get better playing the piano now.

PPS - There's no risk, I just want you to try it for yourself and if you're anything like those who've already joined, you should love it! But if not, just let me know and I'll cancel your free trial and you'll never be bill, no hard feelings. :-) See you inside.

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